How well is your municipality managing its money?

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An introduction to municipal finance

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Municipal Money is our money, spent in our name.

As citizens, we should know how this money has been spent and also have a say in how money is spent in the future to better our lives.

South Africa's Municipalities

Finding a municipality

Start typing the name of the municipality.
Then select the correct municipality from the dropdown.

Alternatively, select the municipality on the map.
Use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out.

Exploring the data

Each indicator includes:

  • the name of the indicator and the year of the most recent value
  • the most recent indicator value
  • a text description
  • a key
  • a link that shows an explanation of how the value is calculated

A chart is shown visualising the value over the last few years.

Many indicators include a DID YOU KNOW? box providing additional information or explanations.